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The Journey of Pilates is an investment in yourself and your well being!

Focused Exercise With Substantial Results

Bodies By Pilates Eugene is a private boutique Pilates studio with 1-on-1 individualized sessions, as well as some small specialized groups, taught by Occupational Therapist and certified Pilates instructor Vicky Schneider.

Vicky is well known in the community for dedication to her clients. She strives to provide a supportive platform for her clients as they learn and succeed in attaining their personal goals. Her deep regard for her clients ensures an environment in which they can feel relaxed, comfortable, and motivated.

Bodies By Pilates has been serving the Eugene-Springfield area since 1996 and is now located in South Eugene at the Tamarack Center at 3575 Donald Street.

What is Pilates

  • Pilates is a body-mind conditioning technique founded by German born fitness expert and pioneer Joseph Pilates (1881 – 1967).
  • Exercises combine stretching and strengthening routines on floor mats as well as specialized spring loaded equipment designed by Joseph Pilates to work the body efficiently.
  • Pilates is low impact and extremely modifiable. Making it an excellent method of reconditioning following an injury or period of inactivity as well as a challenging workout for the super fit.
  • Pilates had been a long kept secret of professional dancers, athletes, models and celebrities since the 1920’s. It was mainstreamed in the 1990’s and continues to be recognized as a superb conditioning regimen.

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3575 Donald St. #400
Eugene, Oregon 97405

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